The Importance of Framing

I’m not talking about the framing around that diploma on your wall. Framing in the business world is giving context in a situation.

What is framing?

Framing is the way you phrase a conflict. In the business world, if there is a problem in the company that needs to be resolved, the way the problem is presented is the “frame.” In the consulting world, where “Problem, Conflict, Resolution” is a methodology for solving a problem, the frame would be how the problem is set up and presented.

Why is framing important?

Often when you enter a meeting with a senior leader prepared to present a problem that has been uncovered, the leader will probably have limited if any context around the problem. Similar to how a picture frame focuses eyes on the painting, framing the problem focuses the conversation, informing meeting attendees about the reason for the meeting. Indeed, often how the problem is framed determines whether there will be consensus on the priority of the problem resolution.

How to frame?

Framing requires an understanding of the problem and background information that needs to be conveyed. Some simple tips to keep in mind when framing:

  1. Provide the problem: who, what, where, when, why
  2. Provide the how if known
  3. Provide next steps
  4. Provide any additional information if known
  5. Be prepared to reframe the problem if someone has trouble understanding in the current frame

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Framing

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